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Italian value

iCom company was founded in 2011, in a phase of severe economic crisis and major changes.

The desire to develop the foundations of a service company with international horizons in Italy led iCom to create the first, modern and innovative contact center unit in Grandate, in the province of Como. Designed in a rapidly changing market, iCom has managed to launch a project that has skillfully reshaped consolidated business practices, adopting the latest communication channels and the most innovative IT techniques, developing overall synergies.

In 2013, in the phase of full expansion, Istria was identified as a country of international projections for future activities of iCom. The multilingual region, historically close to Italy, was an ideal place to start the process of internationalization.

In 2018, iCom expands the range of services in the area and creates an innovative Business Center in Turate (CO) which becomes the new headquarters of the company. Temporary offices, coworking, meeting rooms, restaurants, events and live music are just a few kilometers from Milan.

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We cultivate a passion for innovation, brilliant ideas and performance that brings them all together into one beautiful experience.